Camgasm Is Slowly Gaining Traction Thanks To Chaturbate


The makers of the Camgasm live cam site have been working hard making their clone of the popular Chaturbate live cam site a working reality. Yes, Camgasm is a brand new take on the Chaturbate site that we know and love. What is Camgasm exactly? It’s a high end, non nude variation of Chaturbate. Yep, similar software, different intention. Recently Chaturbate and other live cam sites have been pushing traffic to this new site and there has been a good traction to new members sticking around.

You see Chaturbate is all about giving away FREE LIVE CAM SEX. Camgasm aims to offer a non nude homepage and chat area where the girls are dressed more proper, reserved if you will. The aim – to encourage the use of private live cam shows, resulting in a better paid live cam girl and hopefully a more satisfied web surfer who can be more in control of their live cam experience.

One thing I noticed about Chaturbate is that you’ve got his huge community of people just tipping for generalized sexual goals. There’s no customization and models usually offer “what they want to”. Camgasm aims to please the picky or more in tune end user who needs a little more than a generalized live sex session to get them off. I’m talking about things like fetish requests, specific instruction, custom shows and perhaps something else that might turn one on. It’s nice to know that the Camgasm cam girls can accommodate more to the end user and make more money themselves in the process.

The reality is, you just need to check out both Camgasm And Chaturbate yourself and see which one does it for you. I believe they’re two different experiences under the same roof.




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