Camgasm To Be Main Sponsor In XBIZ 2017!


For those of you who don’t know about Camgasm, they are a brand new sister site of Chaturbate who offers only private sex shows instead of the free model commonly used by Chaturbate. The focus with Camgasm is to bring a premium live cam experience to members of the site and only allowing sexual activity performed in private chat shows only. This is a perfect way to increase sales on the new site and keep free surfers thirsty for paid content.

Now onto XBiz 2017. It was recently announced that Camgasm is going to be the main sponsor of the adult industry show XBiz. It’s actually a great thing to hear about because being a main sponsor of a show for adult webmasters means they are investing heavily into the site, which is promising for everyone involved. If you think about the time, money and effort it takes to grow a brand like well known Chaturbate for example, investing the same effort into the new Camgasm site means it should be a similar success, perhaps even more of a success if they play their cards right.

The cam girls, the webmasters and the owners of the Camgasm program will benefit immensely if Camgasm is promoted properly and gets surfers excited to be a part of the site’s growing popularity. As someone who promotes Camgasm himself, I feel better knowing they’re likely in it for the long haul which means I can invest more time writing about the girls I find attractive, reviewing the site and bringing you the Camgasm news you continue to want to hear. You can browse Camgasm HERE!



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