Chaturbate Interview: CaroOrttiz

This is an interview from very a very popular live cam girl who goes by the name of CaroOrttiz from Chaturbate. She’s a very sexy webcam girl. This article and interview was borrowed from the Chaturbate blog. Chat live with CaroOrttiz HERE!

1. What is your favorite thing about webcam modeling? My favorite thing about modeling, besides the flexible schedule that allows me to study and share time with my family, is that I can meet people from places that I will never know and I can learn a lot of things from them. Also, it’s a great way to make some money while I have fun with friends.

2. Your Chaturbate account says you are a painter. Will you tell us more about that? Well, painter?? Sounds so professional. I like to paint a lot, and my family loves what I do, but I still don’t dare to do it on camera. I promise to do it soon.

3. What is your favorite post show activity? After the show I like to stay on camera talking with my friends and being thankful for them. I read their comments and enjoy receiving compliments from all of them.

4. Do you have a style or type of music you like to listen to while doing cam shows? Some people say that “when you like all kind of music, you don’t really like anything”. Well… I am one of those hahaha… Sometimes I am in love with R&B, then I get tired and I prefer Soul, the other day it was Latin music, and sometimes I just play something from a tv channel hahaha…I like everything.

5. What is the most bizarre request you’ve received on cam? I’ve had many different requests, but just a few days ago I had a really bizarre request. He wanted me to move my hair and cover my face all the time with it. He didn’t even want me to touch my hair with my hands. He was all about my hair, but it was nice and fun to do.

6. What is the item of clothing/lingerie that makes you feel the most sexy on cam? Definitely whatever I feel comfortable in is what makes me feel sexy. I love baggy clothes, short dresses, lace lingerie, stockings, socks and shorts.

7. What is your best piece of advice for new patrons on the site? First of all, be polite and very patient. Read and understand the rules of every room. Respect the performer and the other members. If you’re in my room, you also need to recharge the tokens from your account hahaha…

8. What has been your favorite show you’ve done? My favorite show was in private, started very calm and made me feel very comfortable. I felt like we were very close. He went to my pace. I laughed a lot and it was also very pleasurable.

9. Do you have any signature talents or shows your regulars look forward to? I don’t really have a special talent. People usually love my elegance. I am 1.80 meters (5’9″). I have long legs, dark skin and people usually comment that they love my face.

10. Who would you like to meet from the site that you haven’t already? I had the chance to attend Lalexpo (Latin American Webcam Convention) and I met a lot of people…..ohhh and I had the first fan who recognized me and asked me for a photo. It was so exciting! He was with his wife. She was also so nice and kind. I was in shock for a few minutes.

11. What’s the dirtiest tip-note you’ve ever gotten while online? One of the rules of my chat room is that no one can talk dirty. I like kind words, and the tone feels nice and makes me feel the most wanted.

12. Please list some hobbies you enjoy in your free time? The thing that I enjoy doing the most is sleeping hahaha…but I also love nature and just sitting and having a good view. And I enjoy being with my family (aunts, uncles, grandma, cousins). We are all very close and of course my dog Pappo. He’s usually around when I’m camming.

13. If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go? I would love to travel to Turkey. I love the infrastructure in Istanbul. Cappadocia and the hot air balloons….ohhh I die for that!

14. What are your favorite fetishes/requests you cater to on the site? I like to be online a lot. I can’t be more online because days only have 24 hours. If anyone asks me for something that I don’t like, I just say “no” and that’s all.

15. What is your favorite sex toy? I love the vibrator known as Hitachi. I love massages and this is perfect for that.

16. What is your favorite Chaturbate app? My favorite Chaturbate app is Token Keno. I love it because it’s very fun. There’s a prize for everyone and it’s very fast to make it.

17. As a Colombian, what is the thing you are most proud of? What makes me the most proud about being Colombian is that we are recognized for being friendly, happy and welcoming. And, of course, the most beautiful women are from Colombia.

18. Do you have any plans for special guest appearances in the future? I don’t really have plans for now. I’m still new on this and still don’t picture myself with anyone, but maybe in the future I will think about someone that makes me feel comfortable.

19. Do you have any special goals for 2017? My first and principal goal is to speak perfect English. That’s why I am studying hard to make it real.

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