Chaturbate Interview: MsThang69

This is an interview with live cam girl MsThang69 from Chaturbate. She’s a sexy webcam girl who enjoys playing live with men from around the world. This was borrowed from the Chaturbate blog. Chat with MsThang69 now!

1) What is your favorite thing about webcam modeling? There are so many different things that I absolutely love about webcam modeling. It truly is so hard to narrow it down to only one thing. If I had to pick, I would honestly say it is meeting all the different people that come into your chat room and learning about their lifestyles, their beliefs, their fetishes, their dislikes, the list goes on and on. With meeting all these different people from different backgrounds throughout the world, you truly allow yourself the chance to embrace things that you might have never had the chance to do before webcam modeling. I have met so many amazing people/lifelong friends and learned about so many things I hadn’t even heard of before. I truly consider myself so lucky to have learned how to become open-minded to people and their kinks.

2) What is the coolest thing about living in West Virginia? I can honestly say this is a question that I have never been asked before. Usually, you are asked about the typical stereotypes that go along with living in WV! Honestly, the coolest thing about living in WV is the simplicity of life! The fact that everywhere you look in WV you are going to be able to see something that takes your breath away. In WV you don’t have jam-packed roadways, busy stores, or all the fancy lights. You have nature, adventure, history, and small towns that would do anything for their neighbor. So the coolest thing about living in WV is how breathtaking it is.

3) What is the one item on your wish-list you’ve been DYING to receive? I have been so blessed by my fans and friends that there is truly nothing I need from my wishlist, however there’s always something I want 😉  I would love to have that Doxy massager, I have heard a lot of models say wonderful things about it and how it is actually better than the Hitachi. This is something I find very hard to believe, but hey, I am willing to try it out. In fact, I would love to!!! I am thankful for anything I receive off my wishlist, big or small. It truly means a lot to me when someone spends their hard-earned money as an act of kindness!

4) What is your favorite post show activity? My favorite post show activity is when I take off my makeup, put on my pjs, and play some Xbox! I’m a very simple person and it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy ? If I’m not playing Xbox, I’m hiking or doing anything outdoors!

5) Do you have a style or type of music you like to listen to while doing cam shows? I don’t have a certain type of music that I listen to while I am doing my cam shows. I actually have a pretty extensive playlist, so I just turn it on shuffle and go with it. My fans/friends and people who visit my chat room have always told me that they love the music that I listen to and that I have good taste. I would have to say the only genre of music that I really don’t care for would have to be rap. Nothing against rap music, it’s just not something that I enjoy listening to.

6) What is the most bizarre request you’ve received on cam? This is such a great question because every person who models on cam knows that a bizarre request is something that you encounter on a daily basis. I have worked for Chaturbate for 4 years and the amount of bizarre requests is unreal. The oddest request I would have to say that I received would have to be the time that I was offered a good amount of tokens to secretly smell my upper lip. My first reaction was immediately puzzled in the sense like, “what do u mean smell my upper lip”, lol. However, I am the type of person to embrace every request that comes into my room that is within the rules, so he was happy.

7) What is the item of clothing/lingerie that makes you feel the most sexy on cam? There are so many different pieces of lingerie that make me feel sexy, but I would have to say my school girl outfit takes the win for making me feel the most sexy on cam. It’s a mixture between sexy and innocent. It also shows off my best assets so who wouldn’t feel sexy in something like that? It almost makes me feel like being extra naughty on cam, like I did something that I shouldn’t have done. Love that feeling.

8) What is your favorite gift you’ve received? There is no thinking when it comes to this question. The best gift that I received was my conference cam. It is truly the best cam that I’ve ever had in the 4 years that I have been camming. The fact that you can be clear across the room doing something, and you can use the remote and reposition the cam, or zoom in, is a great idea and allows you to keep doing what you are doing instead of having to stop and adjust the cam. I was extremely lucky to have a fan/friend purchase this for me off my wishlist.

9) What is your best piece of advice for new patrons on the site? My advice for new patrons would be to interact. If you can’t tip, make sure you talk and engage with people on the site. The most discouraging thing for a model is staring at a blank chat window. Another piece of advice would be to be open-minded to everyone in the chat. Remember, not everyone has the same opinions or beliefs that you do. Don’t lurk and jerk ?

10) What has been your favorite show you’ve done? I truly love all my shows that I do. However, my favorite show that I have done would have to be my black light show that I did for my birthday! We played so many games, did so many contests, and made such a mess all over the place. It honestly looked like I plucked a rainbow chicken in my bathroom. However, everyone had a blast and it was truly a show that I will never forget. To be able to kick back and just do something completely out of the norm was a lot of fun!

11) Do you have any signature talents or shows your regulars look forward to? When I think of talents I always think of being able to bend your body in weird ways, then I always chuckle because I am clearly a bbw and I am not one bit flexible. I truly can say that I don’t have any signature talents. The request I receive the most is to deep throat my dildo, so maybe I could consider this a talent, but then again I know a lot of people who can deep throat. So maybe my talent is being me, and knowing that I am the ONE and ONLY MsThang.

12) Who would you like to meet from the site that you haven’t already? Oh gosh, there are so many wonderful people that are so beautiful and so fun to watch on cam! I am currently in the process of my next meet with a beautiful cam model which I’m sure my fans will know about very soon. As far as the future, I am open to meets with anyone and would embrace the idea of working with different talents.

13) What is 1 piece of advice you have for BBW cam models thinking about joining Chaturbate? The best piece of advice I can offer to a BBW cam model thinking about joining Chaturbate is to have broad shoulders. You are going to hear insult after insult about your weight, your looks, or anything that they can think of. You have to be able to brush the insults off and not let it bother you. The first time someone sees that it bothers you, you’ll have then become a target, and really what is one insult to the thousands of compliments you will receive? Another piece of advice that I can offer someone who is new coming into the site is to be consistent. I don’t know how many people I’ve told this to in the past, however it is something that I have seen go wrong so many times. Create yourself a schedule and stick to it. If you say you’re going be on cam at a certain time, be there. Don’t miss a lot of times when you are first starting out. Build your fan base and create relationships with your fans.

14) Please list some hobbies you enjoy in your free time? I love to sing, so I spend a lot of my time offline singing, or dancing, or acting a fool. For one, I can’t carry a tune to save my life. I can’t dance any better than I can sing, but I enjoy it so I guess that is all that matters. Another hobby I enjoy doing in my free time is gaming. If I’m not doing these things I’m usually outside hiking or walking through the woods taking as many photos as I can.

15) If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go? I would say I would go to Alaska if given the chance. I am not a city person so the mountains are where I would go if I could choose. The mountains in Alaska, from the pictures I have seen, are breathtaking. I have also always wanted to get up close and personal to wildlife, and not the occasional deer or raccoon that you see in WV. I would also love to be able to see all the glaciers that cover Alaska. The biggest reason is because dog sledding is on my bucket list, so you will see me in Alaska during some point in my life.

16) What are your favorite fetishes/requests that you cater to on the site? My favorite fetish/request that I cater to on this site would have to be roleplay. I love the fact that you can forget who you are as a person and put yourself in any role that you want. You can play a role that maybe you normally wouldn’t be able to play in real life. It truly is a kink of mine to be able to play different types of roles and have someone join you in the process.

17) What is your favorite sex toy? My favorite sex toy hands down right now is the Hitachi. The Hitachi makes me do things that I didn’t think I could do 😉 I have done Hitachi torture a few times and that is always something that is a lot of fun. It gets the viewers interacting with the room to torture me in the process.

18) What is your favorite Chaturbate app? My favorite Chaturbate app is token keno. I love being able to give away prizes while working towards an overall goal for the room. The fact that my fans/friends know that there is a possibility of winning something really good for only a few tokens usually motivates them to tip most of the numbers on the board. I also have had the most overall success with this app and am thinking up new prizes every day.

19) What is the dirtiest tip-note you’ve ever received? After 4 years of camming, there is really no way of remembering a single tip note that was the dirtiest. However, I get numerous tip notes about fucking my ass in different ways with different dildos. I usually blush a little and agree that it does sound super hot!

20) Do you have any plans for special guest appearances in the future? 2017 has been so busy for me with meeting other cam girls and traveling out west numerous times. I wouldn’t rule out any special appearances in the future, as I do have something up my sleeve for mid-October! As far as the rest of the year goes, I’m open to ideas! Content is something I pushed super hard for this year, so it’s hard to tell who you will see me working with.

21) Do you have any special goals for 2017? I plan to finish the year out strong for the remaining of 2017. I also plan to grow my twitter following (follow me @msthang69_69). I hope to produce more content for you guys and continue on the path that we are on. I have a wonderful group of fans/friends and have truly been blessed beyond belief. 2017 has already been so much better than I anticipated! I can honestly say any goals that I did have, have been reached and blown out of the water! A huge thank you to everyone who has allowed me to be a part of their life on a daily basis.

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