Do Chaturbate Live Cam Girls Fake It With The #OHMIBOD?


The question is: do Chaturbate live cam girls fake it with the #OHMIBOD? The answer is, a lot of them do. It’s quite easy to see that these girls aren’t always cumming when they get high amounts of token tips, even though they appear to all go absolutely crazy when a high roller comes to their rescue. That’s not to say though that they don’t feel good when it happens. I truly believe the #OHMIBOD vibrates on donation / tips and feels good.

I watched a group of three live cam girls at Chaturbate do this. They were tipped different amounts. The higher the tip, the higher the vibration and longer the duration. Anyways, I noticed that they all spontaneously combust as new tips / tokens roll in. I watched a few big tippers do this and it appears that some girls are late with their reaction or stop way before other girls. I feel that that the #OHMIBOD is real, connected and works, but the live cam girls at Chaturbate could stop over-embellishing their orgasmic reactions. There’s a reason people watch live cams, for amateur action, not staged response. Visit Chaturbate HERE!


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