How Do Girls Make Money As A Live Cam Girl?


I recently made a page on here titled Become A Live Cam Girl Model, which is where women will refer to for resources on becoming a live cam girl.

Basically, women can signup to some of the top live cam sites and find their way to earning a living by chatting with men from all over the world. But how do girls make money doing this? The answer is quite simple, really.

To briefly explain this, a girl will signup to a site like LiveJasmin to join and work from.

  • From there, the girl will register and get approved using her government ID and obtain her user name.
  • Once approved fully, she can begin uploading photos and videos of herself to the site.
  • Logged into her live webcam at the model center, she’ll be able to control her broadcast.
  • Simply by chatting with men live from around the world, she can interact with them and provide live sex shows.
  • She gets a cut of revenue spent during her per minute rate (spent as credits / tokens) and everyone is paid and happy.
  • She then cashes out her earnings and gets to enjoy her money.
  • Rinse and repeat!

Not all girls are cut out for the job as it entails long hours, sometimes rude customers, unrealistic expectations and boredom. The ones that do succeed usually do the following.

  • Success comes from working steady hours so customers get used to the girl’s schedule.
  • Good quality cam and internet connection.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Delivering as promised.
  • Entertain the customer in different ways than other girls, so that they become attached to them.
  • Being unique, or simply themselves.

If you’re a girl and you’re looking to be webcam model, you should definitely CLICK HERE to see how you can become a live cam girl model.



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