Interview: Jacquelinemarie From Chaturbate Gets Personal With Us!

This is an interview featuring Jacquelinemarie from Chaturbate. She’s a hot live cam girl with a cute petite body, nice legs, cute face and loves to get dirty on live sex cam. Here’s an interview she did with Chaturbate. The content is borrowed from a Chaturbate article to share with you today. Chat live with Jacquelinemarie by clicking HERE!

1) What is your favorite thing about webcam modeling? I love being part of such a lively and fun community! I can hang out in my cam room, just have fun with people relaxing and playing, and then be able to log off and interact with people in cam communities and social media. It’s so amazing to be able to keep up with so many people of different locations and interests.

2) You’ve produced a lot of videos. Which has been your favorite to shoot? I had a TON of fun filming “Jackie’s Hike” in the great outdoors! I love hiking and jogging, and I am definitely a big exhibitionist, so this was an exciting combination for me haha. Immediately after cutting the camera in the final scene of the video, a biker started riding along the trail where I was filming and I had to scramble to look casual! It was exhilarating haha.

3) What is the one item on your wish-list you’ve been DYING to receive? I’m pining for a certain Yeti USB Microphone on my wishlist… I’d love to improve my cam sound quality! I want to do cam shows where I live mix music for everyone, or perform a song on my ukulele or guitar, and a nice microphone would make those shows much more enjoyable haha.

4) What is your favorite post show activity? After camming, I am almost immediately ravaging my kitchen for food haha. I get together my little dinner and then set up in front of my entertainment center for eats and video games to end my evening haha. I do most of my gaming on the Xbox or N64, and lately I’ve been binge playing Overwatch after cam. I’m almost always a healer or tank hero! My favorite is Zenyatta.

5) What is the most bizarre request you’ve received on cam? I remember in my first few cam shows, someone asked me how big my largest toy was. I showed them, and they asked me if I had a lava lamp that I could use as my toy instead. It was just such a specific item that I was so caught off guard as a cam girl newb!!

6) What is the item of clothing/lingerie that makes you feel the most sexy on cam? Nothing makes me feel sexier than wearing tall socks haha. I’ve always liked wearing tall fun socks around the house, so when I wear them on cam it just feels comfortable and natural and therefore sexy 🙂 I love the way girls look in cozy stuff like tall socks.

7) What is your favorite gift you’ve received? Definitely Fallout 4! It was the first gift I received as a cam model and it made me so happy to know that someone wanted to buy something fun for me to do off camera. I’ve already completed the main quest naturally haha. I’m currently putting together a vault dweller costume as from the game that I’ll wear in cam shows and videos. I’m even making my own pip-boy from scratch!

8) What is your best piece of advice for new patrons on the site? Shuffle around! Go to a bunch of different rooms. Stop by and have a go at the games different models are playing. Get a feel for how different shows operate. See everything! There are so many different types of people in this community and all the rooms are different, so exploring is really exciting when you’re new! There definitely isn’t just one type of cam show!

9) What has been your favorite show you’ve done? Definitely my 3 girl show with SmartyKat314 and SuciaLoves! We streamed for just over 13 hours straight, and it was so much fun! We got to see so many cam goers who don’t normally get to visit us and it was a blast!! We’ll definitely have to do that again.

10) Do you have any signature talents or shows your regulars look forward to? Making my own costumes for cam is really fun! It gives people something to look forward to and keep up with as I create the costume and put it all together, and I love sewing and making things! I’m working on a vault suit from Fallout 4 at the moment, and I’ll be streaming themed cam shows in my costumes. I’ve also been working on DJing in my spare time, so I’m going to start introducing my mixing into live shows!

11) Who would you like to meet from the site that you haven’t already? I am so fortunate to have met so many of the amazing performers from this site at conventions! I really look forward to meeting even more of these amazing cammers.

12) Are you a natural redhead? My hair is naturally a kind of mousy auburn color. I have it natural sometimes, but I like to color it every once in a while to make it brighter. I’m in a family full of gingers with the mousiest color hair haha.

13) Please list some hobbies you enjoy in your free time? I’m really into video games and music! I play a lot of RPG style games, with a few exceptions like Overwatch and Rocket League. I’ve been teaching myself on a few different instruments, and I create my own tracks for music that appears in my videos.

14) If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go? I’m very interested to travel through South and Central America. There are lots of really fascinating ancient sites, like in Peru, and it would be amazing to tour a lot of those ancient sites. Ideally I’d love to travel all over the place and meet cammers around the world as I travel.

15) What are your favorite fetishes/requests you cater to on the site? I love exhibition and BDSM personally, so just being able to do public cum shows with lots of people watching is really exciting for me. I do spanks or use restraints and other fun fetish stuff thats still manageable to do live on cam haha. I’m a bit of a switch, so while I love dominating men, I also appreciate playing submissive from time to time 😉

16) What is you favorite sex toy? My favorite sex toy is definitely my magic wand vibrator. My first toys were simple dildos and bullet vibes, so the power of the big vibe really surprised me at first! Still catches me off guard when I come back to it after a long break 😉

17) What is your favorite Chaturbate app? Token Keno is the best for sure. I make every number draw a winning prize so it keeps me moving and doing fun stuff throughout the show as we approach goals! I like making mini goals to reach as we clear full rows of numbers and prizes so there’s always something happening while we build to bigger goals.

18) What is the dirtiest tip-note you’ve ever received? Oh, I like to keep my dirty tip notes all to myself! It makes it more intimate for us to share the note privately, and that makes the spank bank addition a little hotter for me to reflect on later after my show 😉

19) Do you have any plans for special guest appearances in the future? After all the fun we had streaming in our first camathon, I’m definitely going to have SuciaLoves and SmartyKat314 back to appear on cam with me again!

20) Do you have any special goals for 2017? I want to do more themed cam shows!! I’m trying to schedule longer cam streams throughout the weekend that involve more costumes and themed games. I’m working on creating more elaborate themed videos and photo sets as well! I have a few role play video ideas that I like to think are clever, and I am really eager to try to execute them!

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