Interview: KrystalOrchid From Chaturbate

This is an interview with Chaturbate’s KrystalOrchid who is 22 years old from the world’s hottest free live sex chat site. This interview was borrowed from Chaturbate’s blog so credit is due to them for the following interview you’re about to read. You can read the Chaturbate Review here or chat live with KrystalOrchid by clicking HERE!

1) What is your favorite thing about webcam modeling? Camming offers so much freedom that you really don’t get with most other jobs (like not wearing pants, lol)! I love being my own boss and the flexibility I have year-round. Camming has given me the freedom to go to college and travel the world! Plus, I have met so many amazing people through camming, my fans are some of the coolest people I have ever talked to!

2) What is your favorite xbox game currently? My absolute favorite Xbox game is Tron: Evolution. If you’re a Tron fan I totally recommend it! It’s about 6 years old now, but it has a great storyline campaign, multiplayer mode and some awesome illuminated Tron scenery. Though, admittedly the Bioshock series is also my guilty pleasure haha.

3) What is the one item on your wish-list you’ve been DYING to receive? Ha, that’s an easy one! I’ve been dying to try a fuck machine. I’ve heard nothing but good orgasmic stories about them for some time! I’m hoping to get one for my birthday in January!

4) What is your favorite post-show activity? I love taking a warm shower after camming, then chilling out with some Netflix time to help me wind down for bed since I usually cam at night. Team night owls for the win, am I right?!?

5) What is the most bizarre request you’ve received on cam? I’ve had some pretty unusual requests in my time of camming… but I digress. I had one request not too long ago to smoke a cigarette on cam. I had to explain that I don’t smoke, so I therefore don’t have any cigarettes in my home. They persisted that I should go knock on a neighbor’s door to bum one! Mind you I was already naked at this point… I politely declined, to say the least, lol!

6) What is the item of clothing/lingerie that makes you feel the most sexy on cam? There are a few items (very hard to pick just one) that I love wearing on cam! I love wearing my front clasp bras, they’re a lot easier to strip out of while I’m dancing and moving around! My other absolute favorite items to wear on cam are short skirts. I love doing up-skirt shots! It makes me feel super cute & sexy, and it’s a great lead-up to a show!

7) What is your favorite gift you’ve received? A very giving fan actually purchased my current laptop for me… I cried. It’s honestly the best gift I’ve ever received. My old laptop couldn’t keep up with me for school and camming; this new laptop has been PERFECT! I’ve received so many amazing gifts – I am so blessed.

8) What is your best piece of advice for new patrons on the site? This goes for both new broadcasters and new viewers on Chaturbate – just be yourself and have fun, because that’s what Chaturbate is all about! Don’t be a spectator. Chat and make friends! Always treat each other with respect! And viewers, always remember to read the bio!

9) What has been your favorite show you’ve done? My favorite show to this day was my record Cum-a-thon! I had repeating goals in place to do a cum show at every goal. In just a couple hours we hit 31 goals! 31 orgasms! Like what?!? Those who caught the show still remind me of it on a regular basis! My legs were Jell-O afterwards! I hope to break my record someday!

10) Do you have any signature talents or shows your regulars look forward to? Everyone seems to love my Cum-a-thon centered shows (I mean I think that’s for obvious reasons – lol). I’m also a decent dancer so I enjoy making that part of my show! I even try to make my cosplay interests part of my shows on some occasions also!

11) Who would you like to meet from the site that you haven’t already? I’ve already met and become friends with quite a few other broadcasters that I keep up with on Twitter despite my often times shy nature! I’d love to meet chroniclove, alli_leigh, & alexxxcoal! *squee!* I’ve also met quite a few fans at the various industry events I’ve attended, and I hope to continue doing so! I’m actually planning to be at the Chaturbate booth during Exxxotica: New Jersey this upcoming November so come out and see me!

12) Where is your favorite place to cam in your home? My favorite place to cam is what my friends call my “Lady Lair” lol. It’s a really cute space that I’ve been decorating over time with all the things I like to create. It’s a really great atmosphere that my viewers and I can enjoy!

13) Please list some hobbies you enjoy in your free time? In my free time I enjoy going out dancing, watching movies, playing Pokémon Go (because nostalgia), reading about insects and other science articles, cosplaying/going to conventions, swimming, traveling, or the occasional good video game.

14) If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go? For places I haven’t been yet, I really want to visit Japan. That probably seems obvious and cliché given my interests, but I really want to visit during the bloom of the cherry blossoms. From what I’ve seen in photos, it’s absolutely stunning. I’d love to see it in person someday. For places I’ve already been, I visited Australia back in May and I can’t wait to go back to visit again.

15) What are your favorite fetishes/requests you cater to on the site? I love doing sexy schoolgirl roleplays, typically donning a schoolgirl uniform, never forgetting the signature pleated skirt. It’s my personal favorite fetish so it’s extra fun when my viewers like it as much as I do – hehe! I also enjoy the occasional good spanking, drip candle play, ice play, and lotion/oil to name a few!

16) What are your favorite sex toys? My personal favorite toys are my LELO Smart Wand, my Don Wand Glass Mushroom dildo, and my OhMiBod Freestyle. But I have about 40+ other toys that I do also enjoy playing with regularly as well!

17) What is your favorite Chaturbate app? My favorite Chaturbate app is Token Keno! Games always help keep things interesting!

18) What is the dirtiest tip-note you’ve ever received? I’d have to say it was definitely something really descriptive about doing a little somethin’-somethin’ to my butthole, lol!

19) Do you have any plans for special guest appearances in the future? I’ve already cammed with some really amazing and talented ladies. Nothing planned as of the moment, but I’m always hoping to meet other like-minded camgirls that might be interested in camming together!

20) Do you have any special goals for 2017? My goal for the remainder of 2017 is to get more organized! I’m actually spending some of my free time brainstorming new and fun things to do in my shows that will be fun for everyone! I can’t wait to show you all!

You can chat live with KrystalOrchid by clicking HERE!

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