Model Tips: How To Engage An Audience Non Nude


Becoming a live cam girl is one of the hardest jobs one can take. It requires lots of preparation, a lot of courage, good quality camera equipment and the ability to captivate your audience. As you may know, there are live cam sites out there like Camgasm and LiveJasmin who specifically instruct their live cam girls to NOT show any nudity during free live chat. This is in part to help promote live sex shows and discourage guys from blowing their loads the second they land on free cam sites like Chaturbate. There’s nothing wrong with the free model, but sometimes the site is picky on how they want represent their webcam girls. This article is about how to engage an audience non nude.

How does a live model engage or captivate an audience wearing clothing? You can’t just sit there reading your phone, reading a book or sleep. You have to be energetic, fun and a little creative. I’m not saying you have to give a 5 star performance all the time, but you should at least be a little different than sedentary. You gotta give men a reason to want to spend their credits and tokens on you. Boobs and ass only get you so far. Being a male myself, I have done a lot of research what gets me excited. Here’s a few tips for those starting out their careers at Camgasm or LiveJasmin cam sites.

  • Be anything but boring. This is the only rule you really need to follow.
  • Be sexy, as sexy as you can be for your particular body. Ask for advice from other cam girls.
  • Speak. Men want to hear your voice. Once they get hooked, that’s a long term relationship that will financially benefit you.
  • Wear clothing that works for you, but leaves the customer wondering what’s underneath. Bra straps showing, panties down (but you covered wearing a skirt), or cute lingerie outfits are pretty exciting.
  • Up-sell yourself, but don’t beg.
  • When a guy tips you or compliments you, feed off it. They want to see a reaction. If you don’t give them a reaction, they’re not going to want to keep tipping you money.

There’s many more things a live cam girl can do to impress her audience. This is just a little list that I think must be said. I think if you follow these key steps, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition.

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